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Pastoral Care Ministries

Purpose ​


This ministry will help sustain the life of the congregation by:

  1. supporting and advising the minister in pastoral care;

  2. encouraging an ethos of mutual care and respect in the congregation;

  3. making pastoral care available to all who wish to be involved;

  4. creating personal links that provide a sense of belonging and support.




  1.  The formation of a Ministry Group to launch and maintain a system of care, to meet at least bi-monthly,  and to report regularly to Church Council.   

  2. The assignment of Pastoral Carers linked to up to 4 households to make a significant contact at least  4 times per year.

  3. The allocation of  Pastoral Care Leaders who form the Pastoral Care Ministry,  to liaise with Pastoral Carers  and to be consulted by Pastoral Carers as needed.

  4. The production of a brochure to assist Pastoral Carers.

  5. The provision of Pastoral Care greeting cards to recognise both the joys and challenges of life for members of the congregation.

  6. Arranging with the minister, where desirable, to provide Communion to those unable to attend worship.

  7. Regular review of the work and the allocation of Pastoral Carers and the care of people with both chronic and acute needs.

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