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Our Mission

Short Version:

"We are (BNNUC) an inclusive, caring, joyful Christian Community."

Long Version:

"We are (BNNUC) an inclusive, caring, joyful Christian Community;

striving for love, peace, hope and justice for all creation; connecting with the community;

seeking a meaning in life and open to all understandings of faith."

Our goals for the next 3-5 years

1.    BNNUC will endeavour to empower, inspire and enthuse its members to express their love of God and love of others by enhancing faith through inclusiveness, different styles of worship, diverse topic of studies, group discussions, workshops and organised pastoral care.

2.    BNNUC will continue to interact with and enhance its relationship with and support of the Grace Community and Hindi Fellowship as opportunities unfold. We will seek opportunities in developing effective mission and ministry with children and young people (including Hindi Fellowship and Grace Community).

3.    BNNUC will continue to support Chaplaincy at Blackburn High School and be opened to overtures from Old Orchard, Blackburn and Whitehorse Primary Schools.

4.    BNNUC will maintain long-term presence in the community and seek possible ways and opportunities of enhancing and reconnecting relationships with local people and local groups including Eastern Emergency Relief Network; Eastern Palliative Care; Koonung Cottage Community Centre; and the Outer Eastern Asylum Seeker Support Network and those with special needs.

5.    BNNUC will seek to enhance relations and respond to special needs through Uniting Church and non-Uniting Church mission agencies such as Justice & International Unit (JIM), Share, Frontier Services, UnitingWorld, Act for Peace, Leprosy Mission, Bible Society, Missionary Venture, TEAR...

6.    BNNUC will continue to engage with the wider community in attempting to clarify current religious, social, economic and political issues by appropriate communication and action.

7.    BNNUC will endeavour to be responsible stewards of church resources (human, finance, property) to sustain BNNUC’s future mission and ministry.

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