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Mission, Justice & Partnership Ministry



To promote a program by which the resources of the congregation are directed to external concerns and needs. Our mission is what we do for others, not ourselves, following the example of Jesus to love, show compassion and strive for justice ensuring human rights and dignity for all people. Our Partnerships acknowledge the mutual commitment we share with organizations in our Mission and Justice work.


Our primary partnership is with the Presbytery, Synod and Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, whose programs we will selectively support and promote.

In addition we partner with the Grace Community  of the Falam Chin people, the chaplaincy and committee of the Blackburn High School, Presbytery Mental Health and Eastern Emergency Relief Network. Other links are the Hindi Fellowship, Outer Eastern Asylum Seeker Support Network and those with special needs.

To educate and engage with our congregation and the wider community regarding issues of justice of mutual concern and promoted through the Justice and International Mission Unit of the Uniting Church, Crosslight and Act for Peace  at worship, material on display and special events.

To advocate and give voice to needs in the world through written publicity and through presentations by visiting speakers and contact with people of influence in government and the private sectors by letter writing and post card campaigns.

To promote donations and sponsorships by direct giving from members of the congregation and allocation from council funds.

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