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Finance & Property Ministry

Our Purpose 


1.      The ministry will always aim to promote the mission of our church in our area, and be guided by the            Mission Statement and Objectives.

2.     The ministry will meet regularly to consider matters relating to the finances and property of BNNUC,             record key matters, and bring reports and recommendations to the Church Council. 

3.    The regulations and requirements of the Uniting Church through Assembly, Synod and Presbytery will          be overreaching in all discussions, acknowledging that the property is under the ownership of the                  Uniting Church Property Trust.

4.   Matters for maintenance of the property will be undertaken as needed, including;

  • providing regular cleaning of the buildings

  • upkeep of the external areas

  • arranging working bees for the congregation and plans for ongoing upkeep and improvement will be developed.

5.   Financial matters of the church will be regularly assessed, reports will be provided to Church Council,           and Congregation will be informed of key matters.

6.   The treasurer will be supported in the maintenance of records of all financial matters, and the ministry       will receive regular reports to enable this to be done.


7.   The congregation will be encouraged in cheerful stewardship of resources.

8.   The use of the buildings by other groups will be promoted,

  • appropriate rates for the hire of the buildings will be set,

  • an effective calendar of bookings will be maintained


Please contact John Cradick - (03) 9890 8066 

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